with the Flow: Brett Hoebel's 20-Minute Workout

Go with the Flow: Brett Hoebel's 20-Minute Workout

Circuit-style exercises to burn blast fat in just 20 minutes, with no equipment necessary.

Hi, I'm Brett Hoebel, creator of 20-Minute Body and this move is the Capoeira Reverse Lunge with a little push kick. My partner in crime Lori, here we go. She is starting a nice low squat and you take that reverse lunge, come up with the little push and you go right back down and then we switch sides. Oh! A little building [unk]. This is good for the lower body core and we're coming on cardio core strength and stretch. The Capoeira Reverse Lunge and the Push Kick. The move we're doing is called the Capoeira Crawl. All right so you're gonna start with your left hand, right foot out. You're gonna move opposites. So here we go. It goes oomph it's like Spiderman phase, a little push up and now you gonna go back. Oomph dos, tres A little bit of push up. We're doing three. How hard is this Loren? I know it's not easy, one more. Boom! Go back. Oomph dos, tres. Let's do one more! Just kidding. That my friends is the Capoeira Crawl. This move is the jujitsu step. Have some fun, ready Loren? We come down into that low squat. You're gonna put your left hand down and the same side leg is gonna push. Get those hips and belt buckle up. Try to plant your foot, nice and flat, we're going the other way. Right hand, right foot. Boom. Give it two more, little fast. Shoot, bang. Uh oh! Come on. It's so good! This move is the Capoeira Sit-Up Half Handstand. Ready Loren? Here we go. I want you to try the sit-up. So we'll sit-up, jujitsu style. We're gonna turn, get up on those hands, lift those hips up and then come on back. Now, you don't have to stay up that high. We're going down the direction. It could be a little one like this. Lori show them how side by side. We'll do a little show off. You wanna press straight up, Like a donkey kick or let's show them the split, a little yoga split. It's so good. The Capoeira Sit-Up with a little Half Handstand.