Property Brothers Face-Off: We Have A Winner!

The Property Brothers Face-Off: We Have A Winner!

The Property Brothers, Jonathan and Drew Scott, visited the FITNESS offices for a friendly Brother vs. Brother competition. After three tough rounds, find out who's crowned the winner!

-Hey. It was a lot of fun doing the hula hoop thing. Good luck with all of that. Good luck. -No. No. No. we're good. -Good luck with all of that. -She's, she's got… -All right guys. Let's be fair. Let's be fair. Okay. So we had three rounds and the first one, we did your questions, who was the smartest, I mean. -I did answer the very first question. -You did. -And it was all downhill from there. -It was a close run though. You only lost by one point. -That's true. That's very true. -So okay but you did lose. So round one [unk]. -Yes. -Yes. -Round two [unk]. -Round two, we had to do some hula hooping and an amazing outfit. And I did realize that you're actually a part of the underground hula hooping circuit. Yeah. -All right. -So we can award Drew round two. -Okay. -Yes. -I'm competitive [unk]. -And round three, I mean, we had your arm wrestling but I really [unk] I won that round. -I'm gonna tell you one thing. It's a little bit of a secret now that I won. -Jonathan's right-handed and we arm wrestled left handed. Advantage. This guy. -All right. Well, okay. So I was the winner so runner up prize? -True. [unk] gets it. Is there a consolation prize for me? -A hug. -I'll do it. -Okay. -I'll take the trophy. -All right. Here we go. -Jonathan gets the girl. -Is that always the case?