Property Brothers Face-Off: Round 3

The Property Brothers Face-Off: Round 3

The Property Brothers, Jonathan and Drew Scott, visited the FITNESS offices for a friendly Brother vs. Brother competition. Drew won the first two rounds - will he claim the third?

-Obviously this is not your typical outfit, that we see right now. -You ask me to wear my most ridiculous, worst gym outfit so [unk]. I thought you said bring my gym outfit because this is what I wear to the gym. -You may think he is joking. -I don't see anything wrong with it, I mean. -We've also discovered that- -Look at his shorts, these shorts. -Yeah. -I mean I will talk to both of you at gym so pickup lines then maybe? -Sorry. That'll be on the ground floor. -All right so here we go round three, good old fashioned muscle. -No problem. -Contractor here. You know he's pretty strong. -Let's keep it clean. -Keep it clean guys. -Ready. -Hold on, on my count, 3 2 1. -Wait, we need to have a hand here for a proper arm wrestling rules. I am also part of the National Arm Wrestling Association of America. -Okay. -Yeah. -Hey, what's going on here? -I guess I'm really moving too much. Oops there is little. -It's all about the lift. -I just need to open a spinach or something. -It's up here. Okay-okay. He's drooling, it's coming. Common kitty comeback from there. -I mean Jonathan is almost off of his chair. -Okay this is- -Who sits in a chair while they're arm wrestling? -All right-all right. I mean are we just doing it once so you guys wanna go a set of three? -I say- -I say let's go against you. -A lot of [unk]. -You mean. -Just bring the other hand over here. -Wait so hold on, what's this-wait, we're not the same time. -You do it like this. -All right. -Here we go, ready. -We're not gonna send you to chiropractor. -Okay -1 2 3. -You're actually stronger. -[unk].