Property Brothers Face-Off: Round 2

The Property Brothers Face-Off: Round 2

The Property Brothers, Jonathan and Drew Scott, visited the FITNESS offices for a friendly Brother vs. Brother competition. Drew won the first round; now watch to see who won round two!

-[unk] I'm actually on the National Hula Hoop team. -[unk] -The American Hula Hoop Association in America. -I mean can you send us your competition schedule? -I'll get it, yeah, I will send it to you. -Okay, all right. This is how it's gonna work. You each get 15 seconds of your own [unk] time so take advantage of it. You're gonna bust out your best hula hooping moves. -All right. -And go. -See these moves and it changed to the foot. And goes like over there, it's at front of [unk] and we're moving around the neck and only one spin though. Anybody can do more than one spin right, and we finish off with [unk]. -Three, two, one. -Here we go. [unk] attempts to do the neck thing. -Whatever. -One, one is cool, if he wants to do that. An arm thing? I can do that. I can even-you know what, why don't we just get backwards to it. He didn't do that did he? I'm done with this. -Joke, that's coming right back to me because I'm just good. -Three, two. -Transmission on left foot. -One. -That's right, I wanna see applause for team Drew. -Ready go ahead. -Can we applaud for team Jonathan and the creativity behind the routine? -Good game. -Yes. -Good game Sarah. -That's sportsmanship, I would never- -Silence is not the answer. -No he got something on his face, I think it's a mosquito or something.