Property Brothers Face-Off: Round 1

The Property Brothers Face-Off: Round 1

The Property Brothers, Jonathan and Drew Scott, visited the FITNESS offices for a friendly Brother vs. Brother competition. Watch to see who won the first round!

-Hey guys, this is Samantha Shelton, assistant web editor at Fitness Magazine and I'm here with Jonathan and Drew Scott better known as the Property Brothers on HGTV. We're gonna do a little brother versus brother fitness style. -You are asking a harder question than I'd like to be asked. -You're really close. -I know. I'm way under. -You are way under. All right. Correct answer is 35. -I was gonna say 35, figured it though. That's the only one Jonathan's gonna get. I get three serving. -So three for- -For men and I think women should have extra four. -Okay. what about you? -It's right. I did my-I [unk]. -That's a lot. -I'm a 6'5". You? -You said you right? You're talking about me. -Not for four because you don't wanna stretch a muscle that has not been warmed up. So you warm up first and then you stretch and then you can work out and then you [unk]. Sorry. Did you see that? Before and after. -Wrong. -I win this one right? -Yeah yeah. -One, two, three. So squatting over your knees, getting all your weight forward so you're putting all of the weight over the top of your knees. -All right. -No. That's fine. You shouldn't lift any jerky, twisty motion and- -Right. Yeah. It's not weird and that's supposed to [unk] -It's the same outside when you're working outside. -Yeah. -The problem, Jonathan when he had squats, he actually likes to go down and then twerk a little bit and then come up. It's not good for your back just saying. But that is-that is I don't know, how many times [unk]. -Can you show us your twerk? -[unk]. No. I think people all the time when they're going down and then they're lifting up and they just pointing straight up and I can feel in my back how painful it's gonna be for them. -Yeah. So what's the proper way to do it then? You're gonna lift something really heavy. -You want to keep good posture. You wanna have it-you wanna be lifting at the legs. -Round one [unk].