Running Tips: What You Must Know Before Your First Race

Mud Running Tips: What You Must Know Before Your First Race

Senior Editor Bethany Gumper shares the most important tips she learned from her first mud run race. Bonus: She also scored a special discount for FITNESS readers interested in trying a mud run!

Hi! I'm Bethany Gumper, a senior editor at FITNESS Magazine. According to a recent survey, nearly 60 percent of the participants in adventure races like mud runs and warrior dashes are women. So when I had the opportunity to sign up for the Dirty Girl Mud Run, a female only 5k, I jumped at the chance. It was my first one. Now come along with me and I'll show you all my dirty little secrets so you can conquer your first muddy race too. Tip number one, choose tight clothes. Loose fabric will only weigh you down as it soaks up water and mud. A mid-calf Capri will save your knees when you're crawling through those mud pits. Tip number two, get your hair out of your face. A French braid is perfect especially if you have bangs like me. Tip number three, don't go out alone. I formed a team with four ladies that I run with every Saturday morning. You will have so much fun and you can help each other with the obstacles like this 20-foot tall rope ladder. Tip number four, don't wear your favorite sneakers. Your brand new running shoes are just going to get pulverized. Many mud runs have spots to donate your shoes afterward. They'll clean, sanitize them and send them to people who need them. Tip number five, bring stuff to get clean. Most mud runs have a spot where you can hose off afterward so bring a change of clothes, a couple of towels and some travel size shampoo. You won't get squeaky clean so bring some big towels to cover the seat of your car and a garbage bag to get your dirty stuff home. Do you wanna try mud run? We scored an exclusive deal for FITNESS Magazine readers. The code dirty girl fitness will get you 25 percent off when you book any race in 2014 at And for all the latest news on races and other fun fitness adventures, head on over to