to Steam Artichokes in a Rice Cooker

How to Steam Artichokes in a Rice Cooker

Watch and learn how to steam artichokes at home in your rice cooker, thanks to some simple instructions from Fitness magazine's Nutrition Editor, Juno Demelo.

So to steam artichokes, you're gonna start by cutting off the stem because it's gonna be standing up then you're going to cut off the top third and then you're going to peel off the outer-tough outer leaves and finally you're gonna take pair of scissors and you're going to trim the sharp tips of all the remaining leaves. So that when you scrape them with your teeth, there is not kind of a prickly end. Now you're gonna rub them all over with lemon. I cut one in half and squeeze it a little bit. You're gonna add one cup of water to your rice cooker. You're gonna squeeze the two in there, don't do what I did and forget to put the lid on the pot. You're gonna put the lid on the pot, close the rice cooker, give it about 30 minutes. You'll know they're done when you can easily pull a leaf from kind of the middle of the artichoke when it does not take too much force to get it out there and that's it, that's how you steam artichokes in rice cooker.