Diggs' Healthy Habits

Taye Diggs' Healthy Habits

Actor Taye Diggs shares how he stays active with his son and how he tries instill healthy habits.

And this is Taye Diggs and I'm sharing with you the importance of kind of relaying to my son staying fit and healthy. So, for me, it's just about leading by example. My son sees my when I'm on my way to the gym or when I'm on my way to play basketball or any of these sports and, as much as I can, I try to- I try to include him. He's not quite there yet. He's enrolled in soccer. Right now, he just kinda run around after the ball, but he's got a strong- he's got a strong kick. So, you know, we just keep- my wife and I, [unk] exercising, just exposing him to these opportunities for him to, you know, kinda run around and stay active.