to Do a Woven Bun Updo

How to Do a Woven Bun Updo

Celebrity stylist Josue Perez taught us how to create an easy, elegant bun.

Here's how to create pretty low woven bun updo. Start with a paddle brush and then [unk] with blow dryer to [unk] dry the hair. This gets the most [unk]. Tip the top half of your hair near the crown and tease by back-brushing and make sure you secure with bobby pins. Next, to the bottom portion of your hair, divide it into 4 sections, 2 on top and 2 on the bottom. Grab the top 2 sections and twist together securing bobby pins near the lower center of your head. Repeat with the lower 2 sections and secure with bobby pins. Essentially, when you create a ponytail, just fasten with bobby pins. With the remaining lose strands hanging out of this ponytail, use a small iron to create waves. To finish, place the wavy strand in a bun shape around your head. Place each remaining strand wherever you want them on the bun to create an undone look. Make sure each piece is fastened with a bobby pin and tame fly-aways with a toothbrush head, lift it and hair spray.