Lead Now Tour Location #2

Russia: Lead Now Tour Location #2

Professional rock climber Paige Claassen attempts to climb "Catharsis," which has only been climbed by one person before. Meanwhile, she gets used to the simple, hardworking life of women in Russia.

-[Foreign Language]. This week's [unk] have made the road to [unk]. [unk] So, make sure your permits are [unk] and stamped. [unk] and properly from [unk]. [unk] on Facebook at Lead Now. [unk] and let's get this party started. -We're in Russia on stop two of Marmot Lead Now Tour to climb and raise money for women's [unk]. Coming into this month, we were pretty nervous. We didn't know what to expect. There isn't as much information on Russia as other countries and it's Russia. And you're nervous and not as many people have been here that we talked to. -[unk] -For Russia is not so popular to- we see new foreigners. -People don't want to get Russia because I think it's difficult to be here and it's difficult to get Russian [unk] and not too much people in Russia speaks [unk]. It's just very difficult here. -We're trying to cut off these stereotypes in our heads. So, people not only smiling and people standing in line but [unk] Russians [unk] these things that now seem really silly but, at the time, we're like will we even be able to find a grocery store to get food. How is this month going to turn out? How are we going to climb hard while living in this totally different scenario? We knew we would be staying in this farmhouse, kind of in a middle of the [unk] where. -It's not so easy to get here. They need to have- they need to stay there. -Foreigners are not allowed to be part of the country which is very close to everybody. [unk] someone [unk] stay without [unk]. Otherwise, you'll get to jail. -[unk] consistent electricity, not any water. That was kind of all we knew. And then, just drove on to the forest and that kind of [unk] the apprehension of [unk] is this house gonna be our- But once we arrived at the house, this family began sharing their life with us and how they live off the land and they just have all these little secrets. We learned how to live this really simple life here and we go rock climbing. And that's kind of our daily schedule. One of the things we've noticed is that the women work so hard. [unk] stereotype women homemaking and caregiving and fashion and cooking. And that really heightened to [unk] which is nonprofit partner for the first month. This [unk] get women [unk]. That's how the family earns a living. So, women still thinking work to provide assets to these different financial services so that women don't have to stay in a jar or under their mattress, that they can actually earn an income. And then, they can have a savings account so that they can securely save their income and provide for their family. -This place we called Tremblelake and it's a very special place for us. It's really one of the few outdoor areas they have to visit if they're climbing. -Tremblelake is like [unk] because there are not so much well-developed [unk]. -They have a big country but rock climbing is not so popular at all. -You may find information for about five or six climbing areas [unk]. It's still different. It's like in another world. There's nothing except [unk] and it's a huge city where [unk] and people are talking with [unk] [unk]. -On the weekends, everyone comes into the cities and drives 12, 15 hours to come [unk]. -It's our own place like a secret place for climbers. -We came to [unk] like [unk] but right in the middle of all these boulders is this space that's just a little bit too high the boulder and it's [unk]. -Not so many people even tried it before. -[unk] was a long-standing project and wasn't done for 10 years until a month ago. -It was [unk] by [unk] from a scientist book [unk] from Russia [unk] in the end of July. I didn't expect that some girl was to try to [unk]. [unk] in the lake. -There's one [unk] in the middle of that [unk] things. It's super hard. I couldn't even touch the whole thing at the beginning. And then, there is climaxes and [unk] leading into this huge [unk] jump. The top jump is gonna be the problem. That was gonna be the [unk]. -She's so close and she can sense that these little- [unk] last hard move, maybe one last attempt [unk]. It can easily be done. -I knew I was capable. I knew I could do all the moves, but it's going to come down to a matter of time and that was something that we didn't have. -Come on. -Come on. Fight. Fight [unk]. -Come on. -Everything you got. -Come on. Come on. -Come on. Everything you got. -In the end, it didn't happen, but I know that I tried the hardest. I did absolutely try and I gave it my all and, at the end, there is nothing left. I didn't leave anything. There wasn't anything more to give. -It was inspiring to see [unk] trying so hard. Now, I understand that [unk] gonna be really stronger. -You feel [unk] as a step on your way but you learn something from the group. You got some experience and you still can [unk] forward. -I think I also gained this mental realization, that dedication, because that will get me to the next level. I think, if you put all you have into something, that's all you can give and you can't be disappointed with the result. In two months, I'm sure there's still be this little pest in my head like I can't do [unk] but it's not important [unk]. Coming into Russia, we had all these stereotypes but we got here and it's amazing and it's beautiful and the people are happy and it's not scary at all. -Plenty of place to come and to see all. You have because it's a really great country. -There's no [unk] in the street and people always [unk]. -Everybody is happy to see you in our country. -People are friendly and everything in Russia is [unk]. -It's much more easier than you think. -[unk] in a different kind of stereotype and showing that, with access to financial services, that women can support their families and provide for their households. This month, I want to raise $10,000 to support Women [unk] and you can help us [unk] by going to[unk]. -Thanks for tuning in. [unk] place after all. Check back next month for an update from [unk]. Until next time. [Foreign Language] Professional rock climber Paige Claassen attempts to climb "Catharsis," which has only been climbed by one person before. Meanwhile, she gets used to the simple, hardworking life of women in Russia.