Tells: What's the Best Way to Tone Your Arms?

Trainer Tells: What's the Best Way to Tone Your Arms?

Jeanette Jenkins, The Hollywood Trainer, answers a FITNESS reader's question about toning and sculpting your arms. Got a Q of your own? Tweet it to @FitnessMagazine with the hashtag #trainertells.

-Hey, Fitness. Deputy Editor, Mary Anderson, here with your Trainer Tells question. This one is from Kristen Mellan (@mellank) on Twitter. You asked, "What's the best way to build up or tone your arm muscles?" And we got Hollywood Trainer, Jeanette Jenkins, here to answer it for you. -Hi, it's Hollywood Trainer, Jeanette Jenkins, and Kristen Mellan, I am about to answer your question. How do you tone your arms? What's the best way? Well, number one, you better make sure you're eating a healthy diet because it doesn't matter how much you work out, if you're not eating healthy, you're not going to see that beautiful tone in your arms. Number two, make sure that you are doing strength training. Okay? So, make sure that when you're doing your reps that you're doing six to 15 reps, and by the time you get to 15, that it should feel strenuous. If you can't keep pushing past 25, then you're not going to be getting what's called your fast twitch muscle fibers and that is one of the biggest reasons why women don't get the definition in their arms is 'cause they're always lifting light weights. So, here's five exercises that you can do. I want push-ups. Okay. Try to push it through and get to 25 push-ups. Lat pull-down and make sure you're lifting enough weight that when you get to that 15th rep, it's difficult. I want dips on the bench. Okay. So, you're gonna get the shoulders and the tris. And I also want bicep curls. Okay. And overhead shoulder presses. And challenge yourself. If it's not challenging, then you're not gonna see any results. -Now, if you've got a question for us, just follow us @fitnessmagazine on Twitter and tweet us with the hashtag #trainertells.