Abs and Tush: Ballet-Inspired Workout

Tight Abs and Tush: Ballet-Inspired Workout

A ballet-inspired resistance band workout that scorches calories, cinches your waist and tones your trouble zones in 20 minutes flat.

-Hi, my name is Rachel Piskin and I'm a trainer at Chaise23 in New York City and I've created this exclusive workout for Fitness Magazine. I hope you enjoy it. We're gonna fold the band in half, create tension pulling part, and bend both knees down. You're just gonna pulse the knees over the toes and hold slowly. Lift the heels on little pulses, down, keeping that tension in the band. Let's drop one heel and pulse and switch heels. Drop the heel and extend. We're now gonna stand on top of the Thera-Band, bending the knee and scoop the abs, create tension as you lift and lower. Scooping those lower abs to hold this balance. Place the band across your foot. Fist close together over your knee. Scoop your abdominals. Extend the arms and the leg out and bring it down. This is really gonna sculp your glutes. For this exercise, we're gonna fold the band in half to create more resistance. Take a nice lunge, scoop the abdominals, and we're gonna bring the knee in and down, focusing on engaging the glutes. You're gonna tie the band around your calf, place your hands on your hips, bend your knee and pulse, keeping that left knee nice and low. Bring it to the back. Scoop the abs and control it down. You're gonna tie the band around your calf. Extend your arm over your head. Lift the leg. Keep that tension. It's gonna target the side of the leg. Bend elbow in and extend, wiggling that waste.