to Do a Pinterest Braid

How to Do a Pinterest Braid

Learn the secrets of how to do a super-easy, cool-looking braid.

-Hi, I'm Christie Griffin. I'm the editorial digital director of Fitness Magazine, and I'm going to teach you how to do a braid. I actually call it a Pinterest Braid because it looks a lot cooler than it really is. It's super easy. It's great for if you are short on time and your hair is a little dirty, maybe you have plenty of time and you just can't be bothered, or you just want [unk]. So here we go. To get started, you're gonna take a section of your hair just above your right ear, just like you would with a normal braid. You're gonna split it in three. And as we were taught when we were little girls, maybe you go over the middle, but instead you're gonna go under the middle. This is the secret to the pretty puffed out braid that you see in all the pretty pictures. You're going under not over the middle. As I braid, I am gonna pull sections from the bottom as well, the loose part of my hair, like you would a French braid. I'm only gonna be pulling from the bottom with my right hand and knot extra pieces in my left hand from the top. I am only pulling from the bottom because when you pull from the top, it will still look nice, but for me, it's just extra chances to mess up. So I only do it on the bottom. Keep pulling in those sections, braiding under the middle, right under the middle, left under the middle, right under the middle, left under the middle, and it should feel like you're moving across your head keeping it tight as you can--not crazy tight but tight enough. And then as you get to the other side of your head, you're gonna have a bunch of extra hair. So this is where you're gonna start pulling from the top part as well. If you don't start pulling from the top part, you're gonna have a lot of extra loose hair on the left side there. So this is where I stop being lazy and I take some chances and I pull in pieces both from the bottom and the top part. So, as you then are near the end here, you're gonna pull it all together and you're just gonna make it like a normal side braid. Since it's not against your head anymore, it doesn't matter if the pieces are going over or under the middle strand. You can just braid it totally as normal. You can even, if you want, secure it up and pull it into something cute with like some bobby pins. But otherwise, that's it and good luck. Have fun.