and Your Gut Health

Probiotics and Your Gut Health

Dr. Chris Mohr, a registered dietician and weight-loss expert, explains the importance of probiotics. He also reveals a new probiotic for help with cholesterol.

Hi. I'm registered dietician Dr. Chris Mohr and I wanted to talk to you today about really important piece to your health that you may not be thinking about and that's your gut health. A lot of times people consider their heart and their muscles and their fitness routine but don't think about what's going on inside your body, and gut health starts with probiotics. It's called the human microbiome. It's all the trillions of cells, hundreds of trillions of cells inside your body and on your body that actually can help with immunity, can help with your skin health, can help with your vitamin D status and actually more recently a new probiotic has been discovered that can actually lower total and LDL cholesterol can so very specifically help with heart health and that particular product is called Cardioviva that's available in stores but you can also get probiotics outside of that specific strain from foods. Yogurt is a very common one that has some specific strains, those live active cultures that you've heard about, that's what makes yogurt. And then there's other sources of probiotics, sauerkraut like fermented foods, kimchi probably not be so common but those are all great sources of pro and also something called prebiotics. Again basically it's the bacteria in your body that help you be extremely, extremely healthy. You really want to think about your gut health and focus on the benefits of probiotics. So consider probiotics in your food sources through supplements. Make sure you're staying healthy not just with your fitness routine but your overall body.