MyFitnessPal Got Started

How MyFitnessPal Got Started

Mike Lee, the Co-Founder of the world's most popular health app, MyFitnessPal, shares his personal story of how and when he created it.

-Hey, guys. I'm Christie Griffin. I'm the Digital Director at FITNESS Magazine and I just had a great meeting with the co-founder of MyFitnessPal, Mike Lee. You may know the app, it is number one app in the world for lifestyle healthy living fitness. You could track what you're eating, the calories you're burning, 40 million people use it worldwide. You probably heard of it and when we were talking to Mike, he actually told us how it came about and it's kind of a cool story. It's really cute. So, I will let him tell it to you. -So, I'm Mike Lee. I'm the co-founder of MyFitnessPal, we are the most popular health and fitness app in the world. And the way the company got started was, it actually wasn't awhile ago. My wife and I were getting married and we were gonna have a beach wedding and a destination wedding and we both said we're gonna lose weight before we get married, and so, we went to see a trainer. A trainer told us, "Oh, if you wanna lose weight, you gotta cut calories." And so he gave us a little book. It was a literally about this big and it had I think 3,000 foods in it and you know, he said, "Okay. You have to write down everything that you eat and all the exercise that you perform. This is what you're trying to hit." And being a tech person I said, "There's no way I'm doing this on pen and paper." So, I went and looked for a website and I looked for a mobile app, I was working at palm at that time, so I look palm OS app and I was really amazed because there were literally hundreds of apps and websites out there that try to do this for you but none of them work the way that I thought they should work. They were all actually harder to use than just writing it down on pen and paper. So, I've been, you know, writing software since I was 10 years old and I thought, well, maybe I'll just build my own and that's how MyFitnessPal came to me. I just made it for myself and you know, both my wife and I ended up using it. We lost 20 pounds for our wedding and we are still happily married. I guess it worked.