Intro to the Lead Now Tour

An Intro to the Lead Now Tour

Jon Glassberg of Louder Than 11 introduces us to professional rock climber Paige Claassen and her amazing Lead Now Tour with Marmot Pro.

-This is Paige. She's a fun, loving professional rock climber from Colorado and she wants to raise money for those who need it most. Paige hates snakes. Loves to sing in the car and will never turn down an ice cream cone. She's about to go on the adventure of a lifetime. Lead Now is a global tour to inspire people through rock climbing while encouraging people to raise money for charity. This project is about to come to life. While she may not have known it, the past few years' adventures have all been in preparation for this very moment. She graduated from college, gave a ted talk, taught some climbers the ropes, and kicked off a few projects of her own along the way. Paige has been a top level athlete in a small community of professional rock climbers for years. She has won competitions, climbed some of the hardest female sense in the US and tested her skills throughout lands. Lead Now is Paige's way of using rock climbing to raise money for women and children around the world who need it more than anyone. This adventure will enable Paige to climb her heart up for charity and do her very best to get as many people as she can to donate to a worthy cause. My name is John and I will be capturing every moment of Paige's journey. I'm an adventure film maker and my goal on this trip is to connect the people and cultures around the world and raise awareness for our non-profit partners. We've got our Visas, we've got our vaccinations, and we've packed up everything we own. We're ready to hit the road. -By now you probably think I'm in way over my head. But with your help, I can raise a ton of money through climbing to support women and children. We're headed out the door, so join us. Lead Now.