a Hot Yoga Body

Get a Hot Yoga Body

Sculpt and tone your lower body using just your body weight and stretch your muscles from head to toe with these yoga poses.

Hi. This is Hilaria Thomas Baldwin. I am a yoga and wellness expert here in New York City. I have created this exercise routine exclusively for Fitness Magazine. Let's do it. Step with your feet, hips distance apart, relax your neck completely. If you have trouble touching the floor, take two blocks and place them underneath your hands. Inhale-- raise the left leg up and then turn the leg out as much as possible. Now, from here, exhale-- bend both knees and start to spiral the left knee towards the right ankle. Inhale-- open up again and raise the leg up nice and high. Exhale-- spiral down. Last time, inhale-- open up, raise up nice and high and then exhale. Release the left foot down, relax the neck completely. You're gonna step in to a lunge position. That would be a nice deep lunge position. Bend the knee deeply. Raise the arms up to the ceiling. Now, you're going to extend the legs straight. As you re-bend it, you're gonna flex and reach the left arm forward and the right arm back. From here face front, raise the arms up, squeeze your glutes. Exhale-- re-bend and twist. One more, inhale, reach up straight the front leg, exhale, re-bend and twist. Straighten up again, step to the front to the mat, relax the shoulders down. For this exercise, we're gonna be focusing on toning your glutes, your hamstrings and your inner thighs. Face forward, interlace the hands behind the tailbone. Pull the arm straight and then lift your hands and your legs up. From here, you're going to tap the heels together, squeeze the inner thighs and then you're going to open. Maintain a lift to your heels so you can get your hamstrings and glutes. Close and open, close and open, close-- open one more time, close and open and relax. Bring your forms down to the floor and the elbow should be directly underneath your shoulders. You're gonna extend the leg straight. Reach the heels back and then drop the pelvis slightly. Maintain here or if you want to take a challenge, bend the knees and then straight. Bend, straight and look forward, bend, straight, and one more time bend, straight and then release all the way down. In this sequence we're gonna be focusing on strengthening the glutes and the other hip area. Bring your left form down to the floor and then take the right hand right by the left hand. From here, you're going to bring the knee up. The knee is bent at 90 degree and then you're going to close the knees, and as you do just pull the belly button in. Open the leg up and close. Open, close one more time, open and close and relax. In this sequence, we're going to strengthen your back and work your other thigh coming to downward facing dock. Spread the fingers nice and wide and ground the heels, drop the head completely. Then you're gonna inhale, extend the right leg up and back, flex the back, wrap the inner thigh in to get your glutes. From here, turn the leg out to the side and bring it trying to bring it to 90 degree with the torso. Extend the leg back straight, find your alignment and then again turn the leg out and bring it around to the side. Extend it out one more time and lift and then relax the foot down and then release down on to your knees. Very good.