and Firm: CrossFit Circuit Workout

Burn and Firm: CrossFit Circuit Workout

Burn calories and fat in just 20 minutes with this CrossFit sample circuit workout.

My name is Megan May and I'm the head trainer at Reebok CrossFit 5th Ave. in New York. And I created this workout exclusively for Fitness Magazine readers. I hope you enjoy. Grab the dumbbell with two hands and hold it from in front of your body. Initiate the move by hinging your hips backwards and contract your glutes and extend your hips forward to create momentum to swing the dumbbell upward. Keeping your core tight, extend your arms fully overhead to an upright position. The momentum is in your hips contracting not your arms pulling. Your arms act like chains holding on to the dumbbell. Stand facing the chair. Step with your right foot on the chair lifting your knee pressing the dumbbells overhead. Then, step back to a reverse lunge. Jump and switch those legs always keeping that core tight throughout the movement. Just staying nice and tall, gently touch that back knee and always keep that foot balance and firm. Palm in, arm fully extended. Drive to your heel to lift your chest and your hips up keeping your back flat and your core tight. To reverse the motion going to your kneeling position hips up, dropping right back down to the starting position. In this position, make sure you sweep the leg all the way through to the kneeling lunge. And your eyes always stay on the dumbbell. Grab the dumbbell in front of your chest. Slowly lower down so your butt is in your heels. Roll back, tuck your knees to your chest, plant your heels firmly on the ground to a standing position. To make this move more difficult add a jump after the stand. Hinge at the hips, placing your hands on the ground keeping your back flat walk out to a pushup position. Keep your shoulders over your hands as you jump and reach your shins to the opposite arm. Walk back to a full standing position. Place your hands on the ground in front of the chair. Climb your feet up into the chair piking your hips up vertically over your shoulders and your hands. Lower your head to the ground. Fully touching your head and squeezing your elbows in towards your ears as you're pushing upwards keeping your mid-line tight the whole time. To make this exercise easier, you may lower to your knees.