Up: Partner Workout

Buddy Up: Partner Workout

Transform your body in just three weeks with this workout routine for two people.

Standing with your back to your partner and about one foot apart, squat and pass the weight between your legs to your partner. Lift up and reach overhead to take the weight back. Squat again and repeat. Do 20 reps, switch directions and repeat. Hold side plain position, bouncing on your forearm in front of your partner and then pass the weight under your body. As your partner extends her arm up, reach out and grab the weight from her. Do 20 reps, then staying in place on the mat, flip to the opposite side so your partner's in front and repeat. Face your partner about 2 to 3 feet apart. As your partner squats, perform a round toss kick, kicking your leg over her hand. As you squat, your partner will kick. Continue doing this for 50 kicks. Switch legs each time or half-way through. Lying on the floor and holding your partner's ankles, squeeze the ball to keep in place after your partner puts it between your feet. Lower your legs towards the floor, don't let your lower back arch off the floor when your legs back up and your partner will take the ball and lower the ball behind her head as you bring your leg towards the floor. The next time you bring your feet back up, your partner will place the ball on your feet again, then repeat. Do 20 reps, switch positions and repeat. With your partner in push-up position, stand behind her and lift and hold her ankles. As she performs a push-up and over from your hips, keeping your arms straight, your back flat and your knees straight. Do 20 reps, switch position, and repeat. Standing back to back with your partner, pass the ball to your right as your partner twist to her left to take it from you. Then, twist to your left to grab the ball from your partner. Continue this motion for 30 seconds and switch directions and repeat. Face your partner holding the ball, then step forward into a lunge and pass the ball to your partner's hands as she steps back into a lunge. Immediately, your partner lunges forward using her back leg and passes the ball to you as you lunge back with your front leg. Do 20 passes and switch legs and repeat. With your partner in plain position and feet together, stand behind her feet and then squat. As she jumps her feet out, jump to your feet together. Continue doing a squat jump as your partner does the opposite. Do 20 reps, switch position, and repeat. Your partner leans against the wall and squat. Holding the ball above her head, standing in front with your back to her, place your hands on her knees, then squat. Bend your elbows and lower into a depth. Press up and repeat as your partner holds her position. Do 20 reps, switch position, and repeat.