Play: Your Winter Workout Plan

Cold Play: Your Winter Workout Plan

An all-in-one abs-, butt- and thigh-blasting workout that'll give you the strength and stamina for skiing, snowboarding and ice skating.

Lowering to a deep squat and as you rise up, bring the dumbbell over head and raise your opposite leg out to the side, and the waist towards the lifted leg. They should feel like doing a standing side crunch. Do ten reps, switch side and repeat. Do two sets total. As you lower into a squat, extend your arms towards the floor and raise them to shoulder-level in front of you and lift one knee. Driving your arms toward the floor, might feel like a scooping motion. Do ten reps, alternating sides. Do two sets total. With your hand behind your head and your heels on the gliders, crunch up as you slide your heels towards your butt. Make sure you don't use your hands to lift your head, engage your abs to crunch up. Do two sets of twenty reps. Step your right leg behind your left leg into a curtsy squat, then come up returning your right leg into a right stance as you raise your arms out to shoulder-level. Try to bend your knees 90 degrees for deeper squat. Do ten reps, switch legs and repeat. Do two sets total. Hinge forward and lift one leg behind you, so that your body forms a straight line, maintaining this position throughout, extend your arms behind you pressing the weights up. Bring the weights back towards your chest and repeat. Keep your arms glued to your ribs while you're doing this. Do ten reps, switch legs, and repeat, do two sets total. Get into a bent-over skiing position and bending elbows by ribs, jump towards the left and jump back to start. To make this easier, pivot on the balls of your feet to face towards the left and then pull your body up and down for four counts. Do five reps and repeat five reps towards the right. Do two sets total. Using the same leg throughout, step out into a side lunge, keeping your arms at shoulder height. As you return to standing, extend your arms overhead. And lunge forward, return to standing and extend your arms overhead. And lunge backward, return to standing and extend your arms overhead. Do the side-front-back lunge combo eight times, then switch legs and repeat. Do two sets total. Hinging forward as if you're actually skiing and staying in a low squat throughout. Keep a glider under one foot and trace a circle in a clockwise direction. At the same time, curl the weights towards your shoulders. Do fifteen reps, switch sides and repeat. Do two sets total.