Rope Basics

Jump Rope Basics

Brush up on the basics of jumping rope, from the right length for your size to proper form and fitness techniques.

Hi. I'm Tim Haft, founder and president of Punk Rope and I've created an exclusive jump rope program for Fitness Magazine readers. So we're gonna learn how to adjust your new Punk Rope speed rope. Step on the rope with 1 foot. Bring the handles up nice and taut. You're looking for the top of the handle to go just below the shoulders so this is way too long. So I'm gonna slide 1 down just below the shoulder, and I'm gonna look at the spot. It's gonna be right about midchest where I'm gonna make a mark and let this handle slide all the way down to the floor, going to make that mark so we know where to make our cut. Now we're gonna slide this snap lock mechanism down to that mark. I'm gonna take that handle that we let slide down and snap it into place. And with your trusty scissors, you're gonna make your cut once again stepping on the middle of the rope. Pull it up tight and there you have your customized speed rope. So let's learn some of the basics of rope jumping. You wanna stand with your feet together, soft bend in the knees, elbows to the ribs. Thumbs are on top of your handles. We're gonna turn with the wrist and only jump about an inch off the ground, very relaxed. Nice and easy. It's very rhythmic. Think turn first, jump second. Turn, jump, turn, jump. This will get maybe a little tedious so let's add on by alternating our feet. You could feel like a boxer in the ring, step and touch and a little fancier crossing your arms. Now this is gonna burn a lot of calories. A guy my size about 150 pounds gonna burn about 15 calories per minute. It's not too shabby. So let's learn the rocker step which is one of the beginning phases of rope jumping. It's going to teach you how to turn your rope first and react with your feet second which is critical to successful rope jumping. So let's begin with elbows to ribs, thumbs on top of the handles, rope behind your calves. We'll retract our arms, bring the rope overhead, catch it with our toes then go ahead and free it up. Try it again, free it up. And if you have that rhythm going, turn, catch, turn, catch, looks a little like your jumping rope but you're actually not leaving the ground so there's no impact but it is teaching you how to turn first, how to jump second.