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Better Body Plan: Tighten It Up Workout

A total-body workout to help you lose 10 pounds in one month. Do two circuits three times a week.

Hi. I'm Monica Vazquez. I'm a master trainer at New York Sports Clubs and a contributing editor here at Fitness Magazine. I'm here with a quick plan that's proven effective. For this move, you're gonna bring your elbow up, making sure there's a straight line from 1 shoulder to the opposite elbow. You're gonna bring your left leg back into a lunge, and then as you come up you're gonna rotate that arm up and bring the knee up. Then as you extend your arm up, you bring your leg out. So it's down, rotate up, and then the shoulder press with a kick. And remember do them all on 1 side and then do them on the other side, same number of reps. To perform this move, you're gonna come into a side plank with your feet staggered. You're gonna keep the top leg forward and the bottom leg back. You're gonna bring the bottom foot up to your knee and back down, then you're gonna dip down and up. If this is a little bit challenging, you can take the dip out and just do the toe drag up and down. When you're done doing the reps on 1 side, you'll flip over and do them on the other. For this move, you're gonna do a single leg squat with a bicep curl. You can start with 1 leg or if that's too difficult, you can try it with both legs first then bring it to single leg. Just remember, if you do do it single leg, do half of the reps on 1 side, then half of the reps on the other side. For this move, you're gonna start in a tabletop position with your legs. You're gonna bring your arms straight up and then you're gonna do a chest fly, then you're gonna bring it over to an oblique crunch. And you're gonna alternate chest fly to the other side, oblique crunch, and you'll keep doing that over and over again until you finish your reps. For this move, you're gonna start with your right leg out and your left arm straight. As you bring your knee in, you're gonna bring your left elbow out. So every time you bend, you bend the elbow and the knee. Every time you straighten, you straighten both the arm and the leg. So you're gonna do all the reps on 1 side and then you're gonna switch sides and repeat. For this move, you're gonna start with your hands up in the air and your legs up in the air. You're gonna bring your hands down into a skull crusher while lowering your legs down. Now make sure don't bring your legs any farther down than you can without arching your back, then you're gonna come up into a crunch. So it's a skull crusher, legs back up, and then a crunch up and down. Arms down, legs down, and up, crunch up and down. For this move, you're gonna come into a lunge and you're gonna do an alternating lateral raise. You're gonna bring it under your front leg and then bring it up and then bring it to the other side. So each time you bring it left and right is 1 rep. So this is from the left to the right is 1 rep, and then left to right is 2 reps. You're gonna do half of the reps with 1 leg forward and then half of the reps with the other leg forward. For this move, you're gonna do an overhead triceps extension with a curtsy. So you're gonna bring it down. As your legs come down, your arms come down and then as your arms come up, your legs come up. Make sure that you're doing opposite arm and opposite leg. Sometimes that confuses people, but this will actually make it easier to balance. And remember, do 1 side and then do the other side.
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