Pumped-Up Yoga

A hybrid yoga, cardio and toning workout from Erin Jacques cofounder of SLT Yoga.

-Hi, I??m Erin Jacques, co-founder of SLT yoga in New York City and creator of the SHRED yoga class. I designed this workout exclusively for Fitness Magazine. So starting in Warrior 2 with your left knee bent, right leg is straight, arms are extended. You??re gonna inhale, straighten the left leg, arms still up. As you exhale, shift weight to the right side causing shifting weight into the right heel. On an inhale rise up, exhale back out to Warrior 2 and then inhaling and exhaling and inhaling, lift up and then exhale. Always think about shoulders over your heads, engaging to your lower abs pushing up, punching up and then rotating back up with the arms. Starting in a wide-based squat, turning your toes up and knees over the ankles and you bring in your arms up by your side, elbows, dropping elbows to the ribs. When you take a full inhale as you exhale, rotate the right arm towards the right side twisting the ribs and then exhale twisting to the left, slowly increasing the intensity of the pace to punch right and then left rotating the rib cage keeping your legs still and getting a little bit lower for more intensity. So starting with your feet together, you??re gonna bend your knees and shift your weight back into your heels. You??re gonna bring your arms up so the shoulders are inline with the elbows. Elbows are parallel to the floor and then raise your heels up high as high as you can, keeping your thighs press together. The legs don??t move. You??re gonna start to punch your right and left arm up, up and little presses. So beginning in Warrior 2, stepping the left foot out, arms extend, bending your elbows in line with the shoulders. You??re gonna take it inhale, straighten the left leg, twisting to the right. As you exhale, bend your left knee, right elbow towards the left knee and then on inhale pushing into the left heel extending up all the way rotating, as you exhale twist the right elbow, left knee. Navel does fine. So you??re gonna start by stepping the left foot back into a lunge, extend the arms above your head, grounding into the right heel. As you exhale, extend the left leg out pushing the arms up and pulling the arms straight back. Keep pushing into the right leg and then engaging all the way into the right hamstring and glute. Exhale as you extend the leg, inhale as you push up. So starting with your feet together, you??re gonna bend your knees, shift your weight back on your heels, bring the elbows up in line with the shoulders. Take up fully inhale. As you exhale stand all the way bringing the right knee to your chest and then drop it back down exhale, but pull it up exhale and then inhale. Continue the movement, shifting weight opposite foot, grounding into the standing leg engaging all the way up into your glutes.