Air Crunch

The Air Crunch exercise works your shoulders, back, triceps, abs, obliques and butt.

He's gonna start in a high plank position with her shoulders directly above her wrist, keeping her tummy as tight as she can. She's gonna tip over into now what is the side plank, so challenging. In the side plank's position, she's gonna try to reach her arm up towards the sky. This might be where most of you stop. This is already really hard, but if you're up for the challenge, lift your top [unk]. Reach it towards your body and then extend it long just like she's doing here. The hardest thing is keeping your tummy so tight because the side walls want to work, but your abdominals actually are trying to push forward. Fight that feeling and pull your belly in as tight as you possibly can. Give me just one more. Gorgeous!