Plank Roll

High Plank Roll

The High Plank Roll exercise works your shoulders, back, arms and legs.

Come into high plank for me. Go ahead and reach those legs back. I'm gonna place the ball under her shins and then with the superstar here, she's gonna bring her knees into her chest, tucking her knees in all the way and then lengthening back. So give me 2 more. Her belly is so tight. Her shoulders are on fire. Great, freeze. And then let me take the ball from you, Katie, and come into a high plank position. What she's gonna do now is she's gonna just draw a knee into her chest. So bring 1 knee in towards her chest and squeeze your tummy as tight as you can and take that leg back. Give me 5 reps of those. This is the same exercise. We're just getting rid of the soccer ball and making it a little bit easier but still the work is happening especially in that low belly. Perfect.