Bottoms Up

The Bottoms Up exercise works your shoulders, back, chest, arms, abs and butt.

As we build into this exercise, it's really important to have a foundation and simply be able to hold this first. The key is her shoulders are directly above her wrists. Her hips are at the same place as her shoulders and her belly is super tight. Katie is gonna reach her right leg out to the side. Look at her core, it didn't even more. Her arms are still in the same position and then she's gonna switch the other leg and lift up the other side. Notice that nothing is changing in the center of her body and that is super important. So give me a few reps on this, Katie, one side to the next. Notice that nothing changes in the center and her shoulders are still above her wrist. Now if you're feeling a little spicy, instead of placing one foot down and lifting up the other, I wanna encourage you to swing it to the other side as quickly as you can and replace it. So, Katie, step on up for me. Oh, you did it! Perfect! Give me another one. Good. Give me one more. You did it!