'n' Curl

Bridge 'n' Curl

The Bridge 'n' Curl exercise works your abs, hips, butt and hamstrings.

We are gonna take the soccer ball and place it right in the back of her legs where her calves and the back of her thighs meet. She's gonna squeeze that soccer ball as tight as she can. She's gonna draw her knees into her chest, really working the low belly. And then she's gonna move forward, place her sneakers down on to the mat, press into her heels and lift her booty up. You like that abs and booty, right? So lower back down. Give me a few reps of this, Katie. So as she draws her knees in-- look how high up her tush is coming. That's what we're aiming for. And then as she presses her heels down, it's all about getting your butt up as high as possible.