Beach Body Workout

The Beach Body Workout

Tone major muscle groups while getting a cardio workout. After doing two toning exercises, do a cardio blast like jump rope or walking for 30 seconds. Complete the circuit twice and do two to three times a week.

Hi. I'm Holly Rilinger of Holly Rilinger Fitness here in New York City. I designed this workout exclusively for Fitness Magazine to get you your best beach body. So, there's nothing sexier than sculpted shoulder and a sculpted back and this next move is gonna take you there. So to start out, we wanna get you in a plane position and we want your feet just wider than shoulder width. A wide base is gonna set up success for this move. So, first thing that you're gonna do is row into your chest with your right arm. Go take the bar right back down and then fly out to the side for a shoulder move. We'll repeat on the other side, so you're working your back right here. Fly out to the side for your shoulder. Now, if you need to modify this move, we can tape knees down to the ground. You still want your body to be straight here from the knees on up to your shoulders. Same thing, we're gonna row with that right arm, working your back. Go ahead fly up to the side, shoulder move. Working your core the entire time here. Rolling again, one more fly up to the side back to your starting position and that's your move. This next exercise is full body with an emphasis on your butt and triceps. So, you're gonna take your hands overhead, you're gonna step back into a scorpion lunge as you bend your elbows behind you and take it right back on top. Now, we'll repeat that as you alternate sides, extending overhead, working those triceps. As you step back, you are pushing up off that front heel working your glute. And as you extend overhead, you're working your triceps, that's your move. This next exercise, we are focusing on hamstrings, glutes and biceps. Start with your feet, just about shoulder width apart. I'm gonna take that dumb bell and we're gonna reach down towards the opposite toe as the other leg comes back there. Come right back up into a standing position and then curl working your bicep. Good. Now, we're gonna keep that front knee just slightly bent as you go down. You're gonna feel that pulling your hamstring and then you're gonna stand up tall and work that glute. Nice. So, this next move is my favorite one, influenced by my days as a basketball player. So, I want you to take that weight in front of you. Squeeze it between your palms. That's activating your core in your back there. You're gonna squat down, push your hips behind you. Then, you're gonna slide to one side. Good. And then, you rotate to the outside working that core. You're gonna keep going back and forth, keeping your body down low. Really working those glutes, working those quads, working those abs. Good. We'll get one more in there and get that heart rate up. This next move is an explosive movement. If done right, you can really get your heart rate up. I want you to start with your feet, just shoulder width apart. You're gonna squat down low and bring that weight right between your toes. Now, from here, you're gonna explode up and drive that way up over head. Land it, and then squat right back down and do it again. So, every single movement is explosive. You wanna drive it up. As if you're throwing that weight up overhead and then you stop and land it right at the top. You're gonna do all your reps on one side and then you're gonna stop and then you're gonna repeat on the other side. Time to work those sexy abs and get you bikini-ready. You're gonna start this exercise laying in a fully-extended position. We're gonna pick that dumb bell, reach overhead with it. And as you reach one leg up, you're gonna take that dumb bell around the leg. Come right back down, dumb bell goes back overhead. Rigging a little bit of chest right here, too. Good. We'll go one more time around each leg here. Gonna keep that chin tucked. Reach up. Pick that dumb bell around each leg. Now, if you wanna modify this exercise, make it a little bit easier, we're gonna bend those knees. All right, we'll do the same thing. We'll still reach up. All right, take the knee back down into a bended position. Reach up. Work those abs each time. You're getting a crunch on everyone. Working those lower abs as you bring your knees up into your chest. Well done. We've got another great full-body exercise right here. So working your legs and your upper body at the same time. Great way to get your heart rate up. So, we're gonna start here with that dumb bell extended up over your head. You're gonna reach back with the opposite leg. As you reach back, that knee space off the ground and both legs are in a 90-degree angle. As you step up, that arm is going through extend overhead. So, you're working your shoulders and your legs at the same time. Now, when you push off that leg in the front here, you wanna push off that heel and that's really gonna work that glute there. All right, get ready. We're gonna get that heart rate up and we are gonna work those abs more specifically, your obliques. So, when you start a nice, wide stance here and I want you to bend and your hips, you wanna bend that knee and you're gonna chop up diagonally. To chop up highs, you get some rotation here in your trunk. All right there, chop up high. Nice. So, bend down low, get into that glue. Chop high and rotate. There's your last one. Now, into the reset, I want you to have that weight up high now and we're just gonna reverse the motion. So, we're gonna start up high, chop down low. Good. Nice, big long chop. Nice and wide. Chop in. Good. One more. And those are your chops.