Wood Chop

Two-Way Wood Chop

The Two-Way Wood Chop exercise works your shoulders, obliques, butt, and legs.

Alright, get ready. We're gonna get that heart rate up and we are gonna work those abs, more specifically your obliques. So I want you to start in a nice wide stance here and I want you to bend into your hips. You wanna bend that knee and then you're gonna chop up diagonally. So chop up high as you get some rotation here in your trunk. Alright, chop up high. Nice. Bend down low. Get into that glute. Chop high and rotate. Good. Here's your last one. Now I want you to reset and I want you to have that weight up high now and we're just gonna reverse the motion. So we're gonna start up high, chop down low. Good. Nice, big, long chop. Nice and wide. Chop in. Do it one more. And those are your chops.