The Wraparound exercise works your shoulders, abs and obliques.

Time to work those sexy abs and get you bikini-ready. You're gonna start with this exercise lying in a fully extended position. We're gonna pick that dumbbell, reach overhead with it. And as you reach one leg up, you're gonna take that dumbbell around the leg, come right back down, dumbbell goes back overhead. So we're getting a little bit of chest right here too. Good. We'll go one more time around. Each leg here. You should keep that chin tucked. Reach up, take that dumbbell around each leg. Now if you wanna modify this exercise and make it a little bit easier, we're gonna bend those knees, alright? We'll do the same thing. We'll still reach up, right? Take the knee back down into a bended position. Reach up, work those abs each time, getting a crunch on every one, working those lower abs as you bring your knees up into your chest. Well done.