, Row, Flye

Plank, Row, Flye

The Plank, Row, Flye exercise works your shoulders, back, biceps and abs.

So there's nothing sexier than sculpted shoulders and a sculpted back and this next move is gonna take you there. So to start out, we wanna get you in a plank position and we want your feet just wider than shoulder-width. A wide base is gonna set up success for this move. So first things you're gonna do is row into your chest with your right arm. You take it far right back down and then fly out to the side for a shoulder move. We'll repeat on the other side so you're working your back right here. Fly out to the side for your shoulder. Now if you need to modify this move, you can take knees down to the ground. You still want your body to be straight here from the knees on up to your shoulders. Same thing, we're gonna row with that right arm working your back. Go ahead fly out to the side, shoulder move, working your core the entire time here. Rowing again, one more fly out to the side, back to your starting position and that's your move.