Every Bulge Workout

Banish Every Bulge Workout

Tone your trouble zones with these lab-tested ab, butt and thigh exercises.

Hi. I'm Dr. Michele Olson, exercise physiologist and creator of the workout DVD Perfect Legs, Glutes and Abs. And I have a special workout for you for fitness magazine. I hope you enjoy it. Let's do the bicycle roll-up. I need you to lie back, knees slightly bent, cross your arms, grab toward the elbows. Now inhale, through the spine, twist and bring the knee in, exhale as you go back, rotate to the other side. This is a great move to hit those obliques. Now, we're ready for the T stance. Take your right hand and put it against the wall or some form of support. Extend your left arm out to the side. Now you're going to bend your right knee, hinge at your hips, sink into the left leg with your knee going out over the top of the left foot. Dig your heel in. Finish all of your repetitions on your left leg and then you'll switch to your right. This move is called the balanced plie squat. You're going to come up to your toes so this really works your calves. It's great for your balance. Then send in your knees out over the plane of your foot. Squeeze your abs as you come up. Go as low as you can to whatever level is comfortable for you and you're gonna feel this nice and deep all through your calves, your hips, your [unk] and your thighs. This move is the rotating squat. So I need you to bend your arms so your arms are at shoulder level, then you're gonna rotate and reach back with the back arm alternating sides. I love this one because it puts an excellent stretch on your glutes. This move is called hip circles. I want you to go back on your forearms, engage your abs, pull in your knees. Now we're going to extend your legs to a 45-degree angle and I want you to make a half circle clockwise away from the center and then squeeze your abs to a leg lift up in the middle and then we're going to repeat that to the left, and up and half circle out to one side and up and then again, you repeat on the other side.