Walking Lunge

Target that hard to reach problem area and tone your lower body.

Hi. I'm Cindy Whitmarsh from Exercise TV. I've got an awesome exercise that works your lower body and you can do it in between your normal walking routine. It's called the walking lunge. I'm telling you, especially women, the probably area are hips, sometimes cellulite. This is the greatest way to get rid of that. The walking lunge. All right. Let me show you how it's done. Take your right let, step it forward. Stop when your knee is about a 90-degree angle. Make sure that you don't lunge forward, back it into your knee, I want you to keep your body back and bring your body straight down. Then, your next position, alternating leg comes back up and then you switch legs. Are you ready to try it? We're gonna do four and I'm going this way. Right leg starts. Here we go. Here's four, three, shoulders back, two and one. Notice how when you're going forward, don't lunge in to that knee, don't wanna injure your knee. Keep your body straight. Let's try it again for four. Here we go. Here's four, three, two and one. Good. You're gonna feel this exercise in your hamstrings and in your glutes. I'm gonna show you a modification if you're just starting out. Sometimes you're a little bit wobbly. We're just gonna do a stationary lunge. Let's turn to the side, show you how to do that. Take one leg forward, the opposite leg back. Pull your shoulders back. This is your starting position. Think of your body as a straight line all the way up and down. Let's drop it down, watch again that knee, make sure it's right in this position, come straight back up. Let's try eight of them. Hands on your hips, shoulders back, let's go. One, two, keep the weight in your heel, three, four, five, six, seven and eight. Great job. Let's stretch out of hamstrings. You do that one right. You're gonna feel it in your glutes, in your hamstrings and in your quads. It's a wonderful lower body exercise. Switch sides, pull your toes back, perfect. Round the body all the way up. I challenge you to do this exercise while you're walking. Do the 20 to 30 lunges forward and 20 to 30 lunges back. For more of my walking tips and workout with me in Exercise TV, log on to