Modified Pushups

Build upper body and core strength with this move.

-Hi, I'm Cindy Whitmarsh from Exercise TV. I've got a great exercise to work your upper body while you're doing a walk. Find an elevated surface or a park bench. We're gonna do modified pushups. Let me show you how. Come to the back of the bench. Take your hands on to the bench. Bring your body back. Your body will naturally slant towards the bench. From here, hold this plank position by contracting your abs. I want you to keep this position right here. Take your hands a little bit wider than shoulder width. All you're gonna do is lower your body down to the bench and straight back up. I really want you to watch your form on this one. Make sure your abs are pulled in nice and tight. Let me show you the wrong way to do this. Sometimes, people lean forward, that may injure your back. So I don't want you to do that. Pull it in. All right, let's try eight of these modified pushups. Let's go. Here's one, good. Two, breathe out. Three, you feel this in that chest. Four, five, six, seven, and eight. Perfect. Let's stretch that out. Then, I'm gonna show you a little modification on this one. When your hands are a little bit wider, like this outside, you're working more of your chest 'cause it opens your chest up. So that works your chest. Now, if you wanna work your triceps, you take it into a little bit more of a narrow grip. So your hands are right here in line with your shoulders. Bring your body all the way down and pushing straight back up. Really focuses on the back of your arm, your triceps. Let's try that. Are you ready? Here we go. Here's one. Push back. Two, three, four, abs nice and tight. Five, six, seven, and eight. Good, let's stretch that out. You feel that one in your triceps a little bit different angle. I challenge you to try it both ways. 20 to 30 repetitions while you're doing a walk or even if you're at home watching TV. For more of my walking tips or workout with me on Exercise TV, log on to