Triceps Dips

Define and strengthen your entire arm with this effective upper body move.

Hi, I'm Cindy Whitmarsh from Exercise TV. I've got a great exercise that you could add in to your normal walking routine to spice it up and burn your triceps. It's called the Triceps Dips. So when you're walking, find an elevated surface or a park bench. Sit on the park bench. From here, you're gonna slide your hips forwards, take your fingertips so that they're facing your toes. Then I want you to straighten your arms and slide your butt off the bench. This is your starting position with your knees slightly bend. Now, I want you to pull your shoulder blades back, pinch them together. This is your starting position. From here, you're gonna drop down until your arms are parallel to the ground right there, squeezing your triceps and then come all the way back up. It's a great exercise to burn, you know, that flapping area in the back of you arm triceps dips. Let's try 8 of them. Are you ready? In position, arms straight, knees bent, abs tight, drop down and up. Here we go, 8 lift up, really squeeze at the top. Here we go. Here's 6 and 5, keep going, 4, are your abs tight? 3, 2, and 1. Excellent. Let's stretch that out. Pull that arm back, reach up nice and tall. This is a great exercise. You can do it like I said on your walk or when you're at home in front of the television. You've got an elevated step. You got something that you can just slide off. Let's try it 8 more times. Here we go. Here's 8, squeeze up, 7, 6, you feel in the triceps, 5 come on, 4, 3, 2 and 1. Excellent job. Now, I'm gonna show you one little thing. Sometimes, some people did this exercise, they take their feet out dropping it down like this. That might injure your shoulder, so make sure when you do it keep your glutes right by the bench. Excellent. Let's stretch that out. Take your arms up. Nice inhale, exhale. Great. Triceps Dips, you can do it anywhere and I challenge you to do it on your walk say 20 to 30 repetitions and you're gonna see results in no time. For more of my walking tips, or to work out with me on Exercise TV, log on to