Tone your calves and create a long, lean lower leg.

-Hi, I'm Cindy Whitmarsh with Exercise TV. I've got an awesome core training exercise that you can add in to your normal walking routine or when you get home in the privacy of your own home. It's called the Plank and it's one of my favorite exercises works the entire center of your body, your core. Come on down. What I want you to do face down on to your forearms. From here, I want you to pop up on to your toes into a plank position. Adjust yourself. This is your starting position. From here, I want you to hike your hips up so that your body is in nice straight plank. All you're gonna do is hold this exercise for 20 to 60 seconds depending on your ability. What I want you to do is keep your head facing down and pull your abs nice and tight. Now, this looks easy, doesn't it? But I'm telling you when you get to that minute, it really starts to burn. So, all I want you to do is focus, contract, think about your entire body, tightening, exhale and inhale right there. Nice easy breathing, smooth breathing, inhale and exhale. Sometimes you have to go to your happy place instead of just hanging here. Good. Now, if you're just starting out and this is a little bit difficult or you may have back injuries, let me show you how to make a little bit more of a beginner. Pull your body back. Give yourself a little stretch and then come back up. Let me show you. All you're gonna do the same movement, but I just want you to stay on to your knees right here, so pull your abs in same thing, watch your shoulders directly over your elbows, contract, and hold this position. So, it doesn't matter if you're beginner or in advance exercise, anybody can do this exercise. Hold it here for 20 to 60 seconds. Give yourself a little stretch back. Good. Come all the way up, roll your body up. Excellent. So like I said, I challenge it to do this exercise on your walk, find a grassy area, plop yourself down, give yourself 20 to 60 seconds or when you get home. For more of my walking tips or to work out with me on Exercise TV, log on to