Your Better Body Goal Workout

Reach Your Better Body Goal Workout

Tone your abs, butt, legs, and thighs and lose up to 10 pounds in one month with this workout plan.

-Hi, I'm Joe Dowdell, co-owner of Peak Performance Gym in New York City and co-author of the book, Ultimate You, a 4-Phase Total Body Makeover total body makeover for women who want maximum results. Today, I'm gonna take you through workout that I designed exclusively for the readers of fitness magazine. Okay, this is called the side plank with arm movement you wanna start with your ankle, knees hips, shoulders in a straight line. Your elbow should be under your shoulder and your forearm on the ground. Because we're using the dumbbell here, you just keep your arms straight on the thigh. From there are you gonna press down to your forearm and bridge out. Bring the dumbbell out in front you, back to you hip and you lower yourself down. So, you're up on one, bring the arm out, bring it back, and then on one. Good, you wanna make sure the shoulder blades stay back and you keep the glutes tight, and when you come up, keep the abdomen drawn in and tight. It is the split squad. We're gonna start from the bottom up. This is a really easy way to get in the right position. What you wanna do is make a ninety degree angle from the lower leg to the thigh in the and ninety degree angle from the thigh to the lower leg and the on the back leg. This will definitely put you in a perfect position to perform exercise. From there, you're gonna press through the foot and raise directly straight up. and all the way up. Good, from there, now you're going to lower three count, so down, three, two, one. Hold for one and then up on one. The front leg is doing all the work. The back leg is just kind of your resting on the ball of the foot. The shoulder blades should be slightly retracted, the chest up, keep a nice tall spine throughout, nice. Here we have the bent-over alternating dumbbell row for lats. So, the position is going to be the feet are about hip width apart. The knees are slightly bent. You want to have his torso, the parallel slightly above parallel. Make you keep good spinal alignment so that head should be in line with the spine and a slight curve in the lower back. The arms are held down directly underneath the shoulders and fully extended. From there, you're going to row the dumbbell back towards your hip, up on a one count and then down on a three count, and then you switch sides. Up on one, down, three, two, one. Just like that you keep alternating. Okay, this is the single-arm dumbbell row for the upper back. You gonna place one hand on a Swiss ball or bench. You're gonna slightly bend the knees about fifteen degrees and your torso is gonna be about thirty degree angle. You wanna maintain a good spine, so keep everything in a straight line and slight arch in the lower back and from there, what you're gonna do, is you're to pull the elbow away from the body and raise up to shoulder level and hold for a second and then lower on three count-- three, two, one. Up on one. Hold for one, and down on a three count. Now, this is working the muscle of the upper posterior shoulder girdle. Great, that's perfect. This is lateral squat. The setup is about three feet apart and parallel each other. The shoulders are square. The dumbbells are held extended in front of you, and basically what you're gonna do if you're gonna shift your weight to your left side. Bend the knee and drop your hips back and lower yourself towards the ground, Ready, go. One, two, and up. It's gonna 2 seconds to lower and one second to raise. One, two, and up. You wanna keep them arch in the low back. You wanna make sure the knee travels over the foot. Go ahead. One, two, up, on one. This is the Swiss ball rollout. It's a very good core exercises. You're gonna on beyond both knees, very tall posture. Your hands are gonna be interlaced and placed on top of the ball with the arm straight. The movement is gonna be as one as the hips and the shoulders the body are gonna come forward as the arms roll across the top of the ball, good come back. So what you're gonna do is you're going to take 2 seconds to roll out 1 second to return. You're gonna keep your abs tight and a nice little arch in the lower back. What you don't want is any collapsing of the hips towards the floor or rounding of the lower back. One rep, perfect. This is the push up with dumbbells. You're gonna place your hands on the pair of dumbbells. The dumbbells would be at a 45-degree angle. Your arms will be underneath your shoulders. Your feet will be drawn in on your toes. From there, you'll extend your knees, so that you're in a straight line, so you'll be shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles in a straight line, go ahead. From there, you lower yourself on a 2 count, down, one, two. And up, perfect. That's great. From there, basically the arms went about 45 degree angle from the body. Now we're gonna go to the modified push up. This is so that people that can't do many reps of the normal, you can use the modified version. From here, let's have the dumbbells just slightly more forward. Great okay we're gonna go down on it too. Right now, you're gonna have the have shoulders, hips, and knees in a straight line. Maintain that line throughout, ready, down on one, two, and up on one, great. You wanna keep the core tight. You don't wanna see any dipping of the abdomen towards the floor. And up, good, let's do one more, down, one, two, and up. Great. This is the Hammer Curl to Press. It's basically a 4 part movement. You're gonna hold the dumbbells at your side at arms length with the palms facing in toward the thighs. Keep a nice tall upright posture. Shoulder blades are slightly drawn back together and chest up and slightly draw the abdomen in. From there, the first part is to curl the dumbbells towards the shoulders. Then press them directly up overhead fully extended. From there, you return them back down to the shoulders and then uncurled them back down to your sides. So, we're gonna take 1 second to curl, 1 second to press, 1 second to lower, and 1 second to uncurl. This is the Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift with rear foot supported. So basically your foot is gonna be on a platform or couple of aerobic steps, and your other foot will be out in front of your body, knee slightly bent, nice tall, spine. For the movement, all you're gonna do is hinge from the hip and slowly lower your torso towards the floor. So all the movements coming from hinging of the hip and not from bending of the knee, only come down as far as you can while keeping a good curve in the lower back. And come back up. Good, so again we're gonna keep this leg straight, may not straight, but keep it from moving or bending, come down, good, come back up. So, we're taking three seconds lower, three, two, one, hold for a second and then raise on one count. You're gonna feel this a lot in the hamstring and glute of the leg that's down, good. This is the 2-arm dumbbell swing. Position for the movement is going to be the feet about shoulder width apart or slightly wider and parallel. You'll be holding dumbbells in both hands. From there, you slightly bend the knees, drop the hips back and lower your torso. Rock the dumbbell back between your legs, come forward with it slightly and one more time and explode out, great. So you're doing is squeezing the glute and exploding off and then right back down. Perfect.