Modified Deadlift

The Modified Deadlift exercise works your back and hamstrings.

This is a single leg Romanian deadlift with rear foot supported. So, basically your foot's gonna be on a platform or a couple of aerobic stops and your other foot will be out in front of your body, knee slightly bent, nice fall of spine. For the movement, all you're gonna do is hinge from the hip and slowly lower your torso towards the floor; so, all the movements coming from hinging of the hip and not from bending of the knee. Only come down as far as you can while keeping a good curve in the lower back and come back up. Good. So again, we're gonna keep this leg straight, I mean, not straight but keep it from moving or bending. Come down. Good. Come back up. So, we're taking 3 seconds to lower. 3-2-1 hold for a second and then raise up on 1 count. You're gonna feel this a lot in the hamstring and glute of the leg that's down. Good.