Jenkins Blast the Belly Fat Workout DVD

Jeanette Jenkins Blast the Belly Fat Workout DVD

Jeanette Jenkins' Blast the Belly Fat Abs Workout DVD.

This is the workout that's gonna help you shed the fat of your stomach. For today's workout, I have my friend Catherine, my other friend Terry Ann, and my friend Big Mike. So yes, guys, you can do this workout too. It's not just for the ladies. Now, I want you to add a little cub raise, cob raise, you roll right up on to your toes, there you go, two more each sides. Pull the abs in tight, round the spine when you come down. You got it. Four more. Three more. Come on. Chest is up high, yes. Feel that stretch, feel the lengthening across the laps and the obliques. So we go forward then up and stretch. Forward and stretch. Two more. Forward and right, left. Pull that stomach inside past the torso. Five more. Now, cross torso rotation and you go right, left. Pulling that each towards the opposite elbow, rotating, four, three, two, one more. Hold the plank, hold the plank. Two, three. I think this time we should take it to twelve, four, three, two, hold, pull it in. Roll out, hold, pull it back in. Scoop up and stand. Three, five, four, three, seven, six, come on, five, let's go. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three. Whoa, five more. Pull it up. One, twelve tosses, two, three, exhale, legs out, shoulders up, stomach [unk]. Inhale, knees over the hips. Breathe out and reach three and circle. Breathe out and reach four. Inhale, the arms all the way up, hands your heart center, exhale, down. Good job. You guys did an excellent job. You are all done.