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Exhale Core Fusion Lean & Toned Workout DVD

Exhale Core Fusion Lean & Toned Workout DVD.

-Down to the floor for push-up position. It's always best to get your hands on a wood surface or a flat surface. Bring the hands into a triangle. And as you bring your knees up, bring the feet wide apart. Add them in. Let's go. Down, one. Exhale up. Two, up. Press right through the floor. You can follow Barbara for modifications. Down, six. Down, seven. Now, hold the top of your push-up. Bring your feet closer to each other. Now, the hands are a little wider than the shoulders. Fingers angled in. Eight more, begin. Down, one. Exhale up. Two, three, four, breathe. Five. Down, six. Two more. Seven, up. Hold the top of the eight push-ups. Raise your right leg off the floor. Four more push-ups. Down, one, up, two, up, three, up. Step down with the right, pause. Raise the left. Ready? Four more push-ups. One, exhale up. Two and up. Three, the last one. Four. Feet to the floor. Come to your knees. Sphinx pose. Let's bring the elbows down. Lift the breast [inaudible]. Take a breath. Wow! All of a sudden the heat is building in the body. Push-ups are so good for that. Now, from here, we're going to come to forearm plank. So, let's come back on the mat. Make two fists. Elbows under the shoulders. Pull the abdomen in. Now, raise the knees up off the floor. Hold that position. Now, notice the line from the shoulder to the hip to the heel. We're going to raise the right leg up with four little lifts. One, two, three-- hold the fourth. Bring the foot to the floor. Take the other leg up. Hold it there. Four more little lifts. One, two, three-- hold it there. Bring the foot to the floor. Let's drop to the knees. Nice drop. Let's sit back in a child's pose for a moment. Take a breath. Now, slowly, round off through the back. Swing the legs around to the front and bring the hands now on the wood behind the mat. Point your thumbs toward your hips. Roll your shoulders back and down. Raise your sit up off the floor. Take your right foot on your left knee. Pause here. Take a breath. Ready? Bend the arms and move. It's one, extend, two, exhale up, three, push through the floor. Use all ten fingers, really engaged. Twice more. Seven, press, eight and step down. Change feet. Ready? Let's move. One, extend, two, exhale up, three, breathe, four, feel good, five, press, six-- two more. Seven, up-- last one, eight and sit.
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