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-[Foreign Language]. No hand weights. This should be thought of as jumping off with one foot. This step can be confusing at first but through repetition, it can be easily mastered. Don't get frustrated. Just keep trying. Follow along at a slow pace until you get it. It's okay if you're not in time with the video. As we become to what [inaudible] with it, you can pick up your pace in a little bit. Good. Here we go. Now, to the side. First, just use the legs. Uh-huh. Do not use the arms. That's it. That's it. Push-up with the left. Here we go. Back. A little quicker. Throw that jab. Come on, pump, pump, pump, pump. That's it. Fire to it. One, two. One, two. Go and add a quick turn. Let's go. Left, right. Left, right. Go and take the wrist. Left, right. Left, right. Left, right. Add one. Come on. One, two, three. One, two, three. Good. Go by the stage forward. The posture is a little bit more relaxed than ballet. Come on, for four. One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four. On your pause, you got to stay forward. It's almost like having a bad posture. Stay forward. And you're doing ballet. Straighten out that back. Abs tight. Come on. Let's go. Uh-huh. Non-stop. Keep it up. Keep firing. Pull them back. Good hand speed. Let's go. Under, under. One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four. Under, under. Under and under. Under and under. [Foreign Language] and then fire those shots off. [Foreign Language] and then fire those shots off. Come on, go. Yes. Under and under. Move. Move. Go. Under and under. Move. Get a glide. Fire. Go under. Nice. Catch your breath. Come on, that's beautiful. You got to be happy with that. Listen up. The Dying Swan right here. Again, with those arms moving in circular motion. Drop that. Put the foot back. Balance is still at center and those legs are crossed. Squeeze through the quads. Cross it over to the other side. That's beautiful. Really graceful. The more you can introduce your body to new things, the bigger the benefits. Take a bow. Amazing. You'll be great. Excellent. Get the first one in the bag. There's a lot more to come. Take it back to the starts. Have a rematch. Deep breath, come on. To slow everything down. This is the [inaudible] and take it in. Exhale. However long it takes to lower your heart rate, take that time. We're going to come back with some add work. All right.