With Julianne: Just Dance! Workout DVD

Dance With Julianne: Just Dance! Workout DVD

Julianne Hough's Dance With Julianne: Just Dance! Workout DVD.

Hey everybody! I'm Julian [unk] and welcome to my Just Dance workout. This DVD is called Just Dance, and that's what it is. It's a chance where all those moves that I'm like dying to try out, you know, in the club, this is the chance when I can actually try it out. It really does work. I mean, you're twisting your body, you're like, ooh, I'm shaking my hips, and you don't realize this, but you're losing inches and you're toning your stomach. You're toning your sides. You're toning your legs. You're toning your butt. Everything! I mean, your arms - you're working from your toes to your fingers and you don't even know it. -Right! Use that [unk] -It looks like, oh my goodness, there's all this choreography, but once you break it down, what we do in the DVD, we're gonna start with our head. We're gonna jump off both feet, 1, 2, 3. You do not have to be a dancer to do this. Anybody can do this. -Sean! -We kinda like made it more like a music video and then it was like, you know what, this is what it's about. This is me, you know, going for it as hard as I can. My other girls back here are going for it as hard as they can and then the camera going crazy, and so that's kind of what we want you to feel. It's that, you know what, you're in this music video. You're going for something that's really crazy, but you really can do it. If you get that, you'll have no problem.