Dixon Super Fit Bod! Workout DVD

Amy Dixon Super Fit Bod! Workout DVD

Amy Dixon's Super Fit Bod! Workout DVD.

Hi, I'm Amy Dixon and welcome to Super Fit Bod. Elbows just right by your sides and take a moment right here just to find your breath. Get [unk]. Up. Totally up to you how big you wanna make this when you're jumping. As you lift up, use your hips to drive the weight up to shoulder height. Keep a nice bend in your elbow. It should feel comfortable right here. As you drive that leg back, link them through the back foot. There you go. Now, add the bicep curl as you step up with the knee, rotation to the right. Swing those arms, you guys. Get a little lower. Now, remember to breathe right. There, press up and pull down. 2 more here. Nice. 5 more big pushes. Come on, guys! 4, lift that leg back. Come on, keep working and lifting all the way back into the leg. Great work, you guys. And lift, you have 3 more. All the way down, working the chest and the belly. Come on. Thank you so much for your effort today. I hope you enjoyed the workout.