to Get Radiant Skin

How to Get Radiant Skin

Makeup video tutorial to have glowing, radiant skin.

-And you're going for a glowing skin look? Keep [unk] your face, semi matte or matte so that you're not glowing everywhere and you probably looking like too shiny. So if you wanna look refreshed and glowing, not shiny. -Tell me a little bit about what you did. -What I did for Denise is actually on top of really glowing skin look. I create it what I called [unk]. I take [unk] shimmer powder and then create a nice v-shape and then you blend the shimmer out so that you can highlight. -Okay, so the V goes-- -Right from the brow bone and above the cheekbone. So here, literally making a v-shape. -Pretty. -And then we took a little bit of shimmer and put it down to the tip of the nose. -Okay. -All right. So that we can get more define look and a refreshing look and then we added some funny-- fun shimmer which has the glitter and the inner corner of the eyes which is fine. You know, it's holiday time, it's best to, you know, no one's gonna be mad at you if you're walking down the street. -Yeah, with the shimmer. How did you apply that? -I basically took thin little brush something small and just took my glitter and then I can literally have more control. And place it in the front of the eye. So it's really great for night time, you know, to go out and have a good time without playing up, you know, too many pitches all at once and just literally, like little just [unk] in the corner of the eye.