Cover Girl and Glee Star Heather Morris

FITNESS Cover Girl and Glee Star Heather Morris

Go behind the scenes of our cover girl’s photo shoot! Plus: Heather reveals the secret behind her perfect booty!

- America's favorite cheerleader from the hit show "Glee" sheds her pompoms for a bikini. And trust me you were be giving her cheers at newsstands when fans see her rocking bathing suit bod. Heather Morris tells better how she does it. Okay so today I've been watching you all day, and you looked absolutely amazing, truly amazing. How do you do it with your schedule and-- and everything you got going on? - I don't know, I just-- I am like a robot. So I just like force and I just go. - 'Cause that's in a whole another job in of itself is fitness. - Yeah, I think like anything aside from your work especially if you have like a busy schedule like we do in the-- you know, the entertainment business like you just keeps going and going. And I think like it's hard to like find the balance of like stopping and like letting yourself stop work to go to do like any type of workouts. But I think it's also good for you to keep working out, you know. 'cause like if not, you start to-- if you just have worked all the time, you start to lose your dear friends and you start to like, you know, you find yourself like getting pissed recently and you're like, "why am I so mad?" and then you're like, "Oh that's right because I feel fat and disgusting." - So this might be a little inappropriate and I apologize but you do have the prettiest booty. Prettiest, nicest booty-- - Thank you. - --and I just wanted to know if you could help me out with how you possible get that 'cause I don't. - Take dance class. - Dance class. - Yeah. Like any type of-- even like plaxing and stuff, cardio more. I like dance class by far because you just so many lunges and you do so many like jumps, ballet like all that-- that you require bigger butt that way. - Yeah? - Yeah. It's perfect.