Relaxing Yoga and Dance Workout

The Relaxing Yoga and Dance Workout

Loosen up! Soothe sore muscles from head to toe with this relaxing yoga and dance workout.

Hi. My name is Keisa Parrish. I'm a teacher at YogaWorks. And this full body stretch is based on the dance works class that we have at YogaWorks. And this is just for you Fitness readers. Full-body Flow, bend your knees, make sure your legs are on a wide stance so the knee makes it over the ankle. You want your thighs to be parallel to the floor that way you get a really good workout in the thighs and butt, you're gonna reach your right, left, up, drop down. You wanna make sure that from the lower half of your body doesn't move but your upper part of your body just to flow side to side, reach up just the upper body, drops one more left, and right and up and drop. Shoulder Soother, back step, one. So what you wanna focus on is keeping the knees bent low to work your legs more. And you're gonna swing the arm and arch the back slightly just so that you don't do any extra injury on your rotator cuff, but you really wanna swing the arm, and you can eventually let your head go back, or you can take a look at the hand, and the lower you go the more of a workout you're gonna get. Side Stretch and Swirl. You're gonna start with letting the hip go reaching all the way to the side becoming horizontal with the floor. You're gonna do a flat back and swirl over to the other side, come back into that deep side stretch and come all the way up. Then you're gonna return to the same side you just ended on, back into the swirl to the other side, coming back into your side stretch and up. Figure Eight Hip Loosener, you're gonna start by bending your knees, the lower you go again the more of a workout you get. And you just step out and do a figure eight with the hips. Goes out and around, and end. Out and around and end. You really wanna move your hips as big as you can make them. That means you're working your obliques as well as your back and the front abs. The deeper you bend your knees the more of a workout you get in your hips. TLC for Tight Hamstrings. You're gonna start in a deep lunch with your fingertips on the floor. Again, you want the thigh parallel, knee over the ankle. You're gonna start here reaching your chest forward, take 3 reps, stretch back straightening your front legs, squaring off the hips. You bend down again, you'll take this hand on the outside of the foot. Twist the center of the body reaching the hand, trying to get your head to the wall opposite you. Bring the hand back down. Place the hand on the other side, straighten back out. You will bend down and do this two more times. If you wanna do an extra stretch to it, trying to find centerness, you can look up at your hand. Otherwise, keep your look, I mean your focus down and the hand is on the floor. And then from here you will just switch side. Continue the movement on the other side.