and Booty Firmer

Belly and Booty Firmer

The Belly and Booty Firmer exercise works your abs, obliques, butt, and hamstrings.

This is for getting our bodies, bikini ready, this exercise is perfect for [unk], it's great for your abs and it's great for your booty. So, the first thing we're gonna do is go into our heels again, we're gonna go ahead and lift this leg up into the air, all right, we're gonna bring this heel as close to your butt as possible. All right, from here you're gonna lift your hips up, squeezing your boot on the side. You're gonna come right back down to your starting position and then with your arms you're gonna lift up towards that leg, and you come right back down. That's one rep. As you lift up here, you wanna tuck your chins, protect your neck, and as you lift up you really give that glute a good squeeze. And for one more rep, we get that glute, we get your abs and you're bikini ready.