Head-to-Toe Results

This pulse-pounding workout trains you alongside athlete/model Gabby Reese. Bell Express 15 Cardio Fitness Kit (24 minutes; $29.99,

-Go ahead and grab your ball at home. And we're gonna go find a sturdy wall that you can use or a door, okay. We're gonna use this pillar over here, I was gonna lean into it. And just sort of march your feet back and forth, okay. Pushing in to it so our body weight is against it. So, our upper body has to do some work. And just marching back and forth, keeping our heart rate up. That's it, and make sure if you use a door, let the door shut because you don't wanna go through the door. Nice. That's it, good. Keep pushing, just lean into it and go as fast as you're comfortable, keeping your heart rate elevated. And if you wanna add a little intensity you can go into a little jog, so go into a little jog, Abby. It doesn't have to be huge, just lean into it and push. And then come down into the march, easy, leaning into it. Good, let's try 3 more. And then relax. Now from there we're gonna put the ball up against your wall and make sure it's stuck in there, and then Abby is gonna just do some little taps hopping back and forth against the ball, like this, okay. And I'm gonna give her a little bit of help. Nice, easy, just like that. That's all she's doing, just gentle, side to side. Tapping your ball, tap, tap, tap. Just like that. -I feel my heart rate going up but I also feel my stomach working. -Right. -My body kinda involved. -It's great. Well you look good. Nice and strong, keep it up. And if it's too much for you, just go into a walk. You can do it from a walk, as you can just do it like that, nice and easy, tap the ball. -Even though the stomach still has to work. -Right. Again don't overdo it but do push yourself. That's it, keep going. Looking good. And let's try 3 more. Good. Okay. Now, back over here. We're gonna take the ball in your hands. -Yup. -And what I want you to do is just holding the ball over your head. I want you to bring your knee up and touch the ball. Drop and then touch the other side. Okay. Down and up. Nice. That's it. -I'm swimming. -Oh, you're working hard. Good. Take your time with ease. Feel the arms coming down, the arms going overhead. Knees coming up. You want more and you can pick up the pace. You want less, slow it down. Again you can always put the ball down if it's too much. You can even just put your hands on your hips and just do it this way if it's really getting to you. That's it, you're looking good. Nice and strong. -Again I feel that tummy and my heart. -And let's try 3 more. Very nice.