Up Your Routine

Spicing Up Your Routine

The high-energy dances give you a cardio and core-strengthening workout. Dance Off the Inches: Hip-Hop Party (44minutes; $14.98,

This is our top move. Good and hook it, strong, pop, fight. All right, attitude around let me see it, what, that's it, hands up Katie. Freestyle, four, three, slide it out, again to the top. Slide, pop the chest, down, up, hook, elbows up, come right to me. That's it. Attitude, attitude, what. You got it. Freestyle, for four, three, now plant the feet, dip the knees down, right, and left. Good a couple more, you saw it in the step guide, building our butterfly. Opposite arms swings in front to the side. Good. You're gonna feel this quickly in the legs, three, four. All right we got that a little bit of hip motion go back in front. Back, scoop the hips under. Just like this, hip isolations and the warm up, for three, double knees, hands on hips. Go in, keep the bounce. Toes, heel, toes, heel, four more. All right, you know we gotta add that upper body style. Bringing hip-hop. Back, hips go back in front, arm strong, that's it, four, three, put it together, take it to singles for four, wave, circle the hips. Double, I hear you guys back there pumping it out. All right, singles, again four more. Do you all feel this in the thighs? I know we do, doubles, you're gonna jump it together. Four, three, take it back to the slide. Good, hook it around, strong, make a pick, hop a little bit more, take a breather, attitude, you can just throw some face at me. I don't care. Freestyle it, arms up, down, around. Here you go with the butterfly. Knee swing, that's it, look to the side, good, doubles, three. Oh, you love it, do it again, singles. Feel those thighs and the hips work, yeah. Doubles, punch it out. Jump it together, take it back to the slide right here. Pop, hook, come on. A little more groove, a little more strength. Burning a lot more calories. Attitude around say what, you've got it. Nice Lindsey. Hands up, four. Wherever you want. Butterfly, bring the back, old school with the hips. Two, double, oh yeah legs. Four more, singles. You got it. Stick with me guys, you're doing great. Double knees, come on, pump. That's it. Jump it together, groove it out.