Mega Calories

Blasting Mega Calories

Our favorite kickboxing pro adds a three-pound bar to this set of five DVDs. Billy Blanks Tae Bo Amped (31 to 55 minutes; $39.95,

-Get loose. Get loose. -Come on, get jiggy. -Get loose. Get loose. -Get loose. -That's right. Get loose. -Then you dig it. -All right. -I could dig it. -Take a shake. -I could dig it. -That's it. We can dig it. Uh-huh. All right. -All right. -Good job. All right. Amplifiers up. Ready, here we go. Left arm out, hold it right there. One, two, three, four-- -Five. -You all know what we're doing. -Six. Yup. -Ready. -Seven. -Are you all ready? -Eight. -All right. Here we go. -All ready, I'm ready. -Whip that up, from left to side. -All right, come on guys. -Ready. -Whip it up. Ready. -Arms up, continue just a little bit. Keep those arms rocking. -All right. -Keep your arms rocking. Five, six, seven-- -Ready, let's dance. -Let's rock. Go. -Go. One, two, three, four. -Work it. -Five-- -Work it. -Six. -Yes. -Seven. -Go. -One. -Go. -One. -Work it. -Two. -Come on. -Three. -That's it. -Four, five. -Watch and control. -Six. -Be in control of your workout. -Seven, two. -Remember you need to stop and get rest, can you do that? -Three, four. -Just some water. -Five. -Do that too. -Six, seven. -Come on, stay in control. Go. -One, two. -Full throttle. -Four, five, six. -Work it. Work it. -Seven. More. One, two-- -Work it. -Three-- -How do you feel? -Four, five-- -How do you feel? -Six. -Good? -Seven. -Good. Good. Good. -More. -Work it. -Two-- -Work it. Come on, Bridgette. -Three, four. -Work it. -Five. -Work it. -Six. -I can't hear you. -Seven. -I can't hear you. -Six. -Go. -Five. -I can't hear you. -Three, four. -Work it. -Five, six. -Work it. -Seven. -How are you doing? Go. Here's the last one. Pump it. -Two, three-- -Pump it. -Four, five-- -Pump it. -Six. -Pump it. -Seven. Yeah. -Good job. All right, [unk]. Here we go. Combination baby. Arms are out. -One. -Combination. -Two. -Lean over. -Three. -That's it. -Four. -Do it again. -Five. -That's good. -Six. -Good job. -Seven. -Come on be in control of your work out. -Oh yeah. -Come on. -One. -Let's go. -Two. -Let's go. -Three. -Push. -Four. -Do it again. -Five. -Come on. -Six. -Nice. -Seven. -Nice. -And eight. -Other side. -One. -That's it. -Two. -Roll. -Three. -Pull it. -Four. -Do it again. -Everybody all right? -Five. -Come on. -Six. -Let's go. -Come on. Seven. -Let's go. -Eight. -Do it again. -One. -I love it. I love it. You guys are doing good. -Two. Yup. -You're doing good. -Three. -Kicking [unk] well. -Four. -Let's go. -Five, [unk]. -Come on. -Six. -Let's go. -Seven. -All right. -Eight. -Work it out. -On the wrong side. Hey. -All right, you all ready to get in? -Come on guys, give it up. -You're ready to get in? -Are you ready? -Are you ready? Good job. -Here we go. -Are you ready to get in? Okay. -Go. -Here we go. Let's get it. -One. -Counting. -Two, three, four-- -Work it. -Five, six-- -Go. -Seven. One-- -Go. -One, two-- -Work it. -Three, four, five, six. -Come on. -Seven. -Dig deep. -One. -Come on. -Two, three. -Dig deep. -Four, five, six. -Come on dig deep. -Seven, eight. -Dig deep. Go. -One, two-- -Work it. -Three, four-- -Go. -Five. -Dig deep. -Six, seven. -Dig deep. Go. -More. -Full throttle baby. Full throttle, come on. -Four, five. -Dig deep. -Six, seven. -Dig deep. Come on full throttle. -Two, three. -Come on [unk], you've got to work. -Four, five. -Dig deep. -Six, seven. -Come on. Let's go. -Six. One-- -How deep can you go? -Two, three, four. -I said-- -Five. -How deep can you go? -Six, seven, seven. -Go. How deep can you go? Come on. -Four, five, six-- -Yes. -Seven, get in. -Yeah. -Hill Joe. -One. -Hill Joe. -Two, three. -Here we go. -Four. -Go. Come on. -Five. One-- -Hill Joe. -Two, three, four-- -Go. -Hill Joe. Hill Joe. -One, two, three. -Another set of eight. -Four, five, six. -Hill Joe. -Seven, eight. -Come on. Work it. -One, two, three. -And freeze.